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1. My freezer’s temperature is less than 18°C. Is this a problem?

This is not a problem. The important thing is that the ANOKRYO® rod be stored in the freezer. Normal refrigerator temperatures are insufficient.

2. Should the gel be stored in the freezer?

No! Due to its water solubility it would freeze. The gel is applied prior to use.

3. Can ANOKRYO® be used during pregnancy and nursing periods?

Yes ANOKRYO® can be used during these periods without any problems. As opposed to other gel and ointment preparations, there are no side effects.

4. Are there any adverse effects?

No there are no adverse effects.

5. How often should ANOKRYO® be employed on a daily basis?

Depending on symptoms approx. 3-4 x daily.

6. Can children be treated with ANOKRYO® ?

Yes without any problems. Anokryo is also helpful in treating constipation

7. How does ANOKRYO® function?

ANOKRYO® combines two therapeutic principles: dilatation and low temperature application.

8. Where can I obtain ANOKRYO® ?

ANOKRYO® is available in the pharmacy or may be ordered there on a non-prescription basis. You may order it at this internet site simply by filling out the order form.

9. What if the gel has been used up?

The gel can be ordered at the pharmacy (PZN 07470157) or ordered here by filling out the order form. Please refrain from using Vaseline or other ointments as these interfere with the cryo effect.

10. How long can ANOKRYO® be used?

The product may be used for approx. 3 years.

11. What if the ANOKRYO® container should break?

In this case any other plastic container can be used to store the product.

12. Do I need a prescription?

No. ANOKRYO® is sold over the counter in pharmacies and does not require a prescription.

13. What is the advantage of ANOKRYO® ?

It is a medical aid having no adverse effects.

14. How often can I use ANOKRYO® ?

There are no restrictions concerning frequency of applications.

15. Does the ANOKRYO® rod require special cleaning methods after usage?

No, cleaning with basic domestic soap suffices.

16. Does ANOKRYO® contain any pharmaceuticals?


17. How can I purchase ANOKRYO® directly?

You can purchase the product at this internet website by filling out the order form. Modes of payment are explained at the site.

18. What is the PZN (PharmaZentralNummer) of the product so that it may be ordered at the pharmacy?

ANOKRYO® -combi-set: PZN 03941536.
ANOKRYO® -gel: PZN 07470157.

19. How long has ANOKRYO® been on the market?

Since 1990

20. Is ANOKRYO® available in foreign countries?

Yes the instructions for usage have been translated in various languages.

21. Is ANOKRYO® available in different sizes?

No. There is only one production size.

22. What plastics are used in the construction of the rod?

The rod is made of tissue compatible plastic.

23. How long does it take to feel relief when using ANOKRYO® ?

Relief is felt almost immediately when the cooling effect sets in.

24. Must I remove the rod from the container before freezer storage?

No the rod is stored in the container and is placed in the freezer.

25. How long must the rod be stored in the freezer before using?

Optimal temperature is reached after 2 hours.

26. Is ANOKRYO® treatment painful?

No. Initially there may be some minor discomfort due to the cold temperature. Some mild pain may be felt in cases of anal fissure when the sphincter muscle is dilated.

27. What is the duration of a single treatment?

A single treatment lasts 5- 10 minutes.

28. Can too frequent treatments be harmful?


29. Can I discontinue treatment when pain subsides?


30. Should other preparations be used for treatment?

No. Vaseline in particular should not be used nor should any other ointments be applied.

31. Do warm sits-baths facilitate treatment?


32. How can I prevent recurrence of hemorrhoids?

You may achieve this by adhering to a high fiber diet, drinking adequate amounts of fluids, exercising, and maintaining regular bowel movements.

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